My original Apulian recipe: “Taieddhra!”

Ciao Belli! How are you? Today I’m going to prepare an Italian dish typical of my region, Puglia!  I’m talking about Taieddhra or Tiella a great apulian recipe. It’s a delicious baked casserole with potatoes, mussels and rice. A rich Mediterranean flavor! My grandma recipe (“nonna” in Italian), includes her “secret” for a mouthwatering dish to die for!  The name …

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The Pasticciotto pastry!

pasticciotto pastry

Let’s discover the king of local pastries of my area. Yummy! What you need to make 10 pasticciotti The pastry250 grams of flour125 grams of butter125 grams of sugar2 egg yolks1 teaspoon of baking powderA pinch of salt The custard1/2 litre of milk125 grams of sugar4 egg yolks50 grams of cornstarch1/2 vanilla bean (alternatively a little bit of lemon zest) …

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The original “Pitta”

italian potato pie

Grandma potato pie! To die for! Ciao Belli! How are you? Today I’m very happy to share with you a typical dish of my region, Puglia, in the south east of Italy prepared with my family recipe. Enjoy the video below! I’m talking about PITTA di patate! A savoury cake made from mashed potatoes that you can find around Italy …

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The Moka pot!

moka pot

How it works? Ciao Espresso lovers! Prepare with me a typical Italian coffee with the original Moka Bialetti, as Italian families do at home! In Italy we love “Moka pot” and we are very demanding about the quality of our coffee! The sound of the coffee that comes out of the Moka pot (aka caffettiera) and the scent that spreads …

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