Prepare with me the Frisa. Yummy!

A Frisella is a typical dish of Puglia

Ciao Belli!

How are you?

Do you remember my first video about the “Frisa”?

A journalist from one of the most important Italian National Newspapers “La Repubblica” asked me to publish that video on the official web page of the newspaper! OMG I was so excited!

I had to re-record it because they needed it in the horizontal format while most of my videos are vertical due to Instagram!

I prepared one of the simplest and most traditional dishes of Puglia, my region. It’s great in the summer when the temperature is very hot because it doesn’t need to be cooked!

A Frisa or Frisella, is a bagel-shaped toasted roll that becomes softer when soaked into water. Then we can topping it with juicy fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and oregano.

And it’s done!

Easy and delicious!

Feel free to add any other ingredients you like. I personally love to add wild onions called lampascioni (aka Pampasciuni in the dialect of Lecce, my own city), but everyone adds something different like mozzarella or tuna or basil leaves or why not some good spicy oil for a burst of flavour.

You must try it. It is very good!

Enjoy the video and…your Frisella.


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