The Moka pot!

How it works?

Ciao Espresso lovers!

Prepare with me a typical Italian coffee with the original Moka Bialetti, as Italian families do at home! In Italy we love “Moka pot” and we are very demanding about the quality of our coffee!

The sound of the coffee that comes out of the Moka pot (aka caffettiera) and the scent that spreads around the house makes our day happy.

My grandma used to grind her coffee with her hand grinder!

Today we select our favourite coffee blends among the best Italian brands or directly from local roasteries.

I’ll show you my favourite local coffee label, Quarta Caffè from Lecce, my city in the south of Italy.

I’m Sergio Italian local guide and tour manager. Travel with me and discover new highlights, local food, great people.

What are you waiting for? C’mon! Let’s go! ANDIAMO!

Enjoy my video and have the best Italian coffee ever!

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