The original “Pitta”

Grandma potato pie! To die for!

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Today I’m very happy to share with you a typical dish of my region, Puglia, in the south east of Italy prepared with my family recipe.

Enjoy the video below!

I’m talking about PITTA di patate!

A savoury cake made from mashed potatoes that you can find around Italy with different names and in many versions. In the north, I found it as “tortino di patate”. In Naples, it is often known as “gattò” di patate, from “gâteau”, the French word for cake, as in the past many wealthy Neapolitans employed a French chef, called a “monzu” in dialect, after the word monsieur. Elsewhere in the south, the same cake is sometimes dubbed a “pitta”, meaning “pie.”

The cake is often layered and sometimes topped like a pizza crust. In my family recipe, the mashed potatoes get a burst of flavour adding some Pecorino cheese, finely chopped parsley and grounded black pepper! If Pecorino is too strong for your taste, feel free to use real Parmigiano cheese or Grana Padano.

Please do not use “Parmesan”!

Parmigiano Reggiano is Italian while “Parmesan” doesn’t exist in Italy, it’s a kind of blasphemy!

What about the filling?

It’s incredible! At home, we use braised onions finely sliced with capers, olives and tomatoes. It’s a Mediterranean flavour and it’s so tasty, juicy and mouthwatering!

The ingredients are very simple, so they need to be a good quality one.

Please use real Parmigiano cheese do not use any “Parmesan”. Parmigiano Reggiano is Italian while “Parmesan” doesn’t exist in Italy, it’s a kind of blasphemy!

And of course please choose a good Extra Virgin Olive oil (aka olio EVO) possibly from Puglia! The oil from Puglia generally speaking is more intense than the Tuscan or the Ligurian one and it’s perfect for this recipe.

My grandma (mia nonna, in Italian) used to prepare the pitta without precise quantities and measurements. She said: I do it ad occhio that means by eye.

If you wish you can use a different filling: ham and cheese, salami and mozzarella, sautéed zucchini and scamorza cheese, peas and carrots etc.

For a gluten-free version just substitute the usual breadcrumbs with a gluten-free one or just omit it and add some cheese on the top in order to get a nice crispy crust once baked.

Look at the video till the end and you will see the final result!


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